Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada
Producer: Kimberly Stuckwisch
Director of Photography: Albert Salas
Production Designer: Fernanda Guerrero
Editor: Taylor Brusky
VFX: Ryan Ross & Andres Jaramillo
Hand-drawn animation by Danny Madden
Sheep costumes designed by Cristina Bercovitz
Sheep costumes constructed by Cristina Bercovitz and Annie Chernecky
Sound Design: Michael O'Connor
Interlude music composed by John W. Snyder
2nd Unit DP: Alonso Mejia
Sheep choreography: Carlos Lopez Estrada
Executive producers:Ian Blair & Kimberly Stuckwisch for DIKTATOR
Executive producers: Corinna Martinez & Alonso Mejiafor Contenido Neto
Watsky "Stick to Your Guns"
Clipping "Shooter"
WATSKY "Brave New World"
KARI FAUX "Fantasy"
CORONA "Movers "
Thundercat "Them Changes"
Clipping "Air 'Em Out"
Bars "Live Musical Medley"
WATSKY "Midnight Heart"
TECATE "Beer Wall"
On an On "It's Not Over"
Watsky "Pink Lemonade"
Clipping "Summertime"
Capital Cities "Kangaroo Court"
CLIPPING "Inside Out"
BLACK TAXI "Take Off the Edge"
clipping. "Work Work"
Hook N Sling "Break Yourself"
Identity Theft "A Short Film"
MK FT. BECKY HILL "Piece of Me"
LEAL "Disco Ball"
12:00am "an audiovisual experiment"
Clipping "Get Up"
EL SPORTIVO "Waking World"
PASSION PIT "Carried Away (Remix)"
BOWERBIRDS "Tuck the Darkness in"
BEAR "Short Film"
MYPET "Pays to Know"
Maximum Balloon "Groove Me "
Special Olympics "We See Abilities "