Nelson de Castro and Carlos Lopez Estrada (directors)
Produced by Jennifer Goodridge
EP: Kimberly Stuckwisch for Little Ugly
Director of Photography: John Schmidt
VFX: Alejandro Taylor
Production Designer: Tyler Jensen
Editor: Taylor Brusky
AD: Chad Nicholson
Production Manager: Camille Benton
Production Manager (Little Ugly): Neil Garvey
Goerge Ezra "Shotgun"
Blindspotting "Feature Film"
Father John Misty "Mr. Tillman"
Clipping "Shooter"
Thundercat "Them Changes"
JOEY DOSIK "Inside Voice "
WATSKY "Midnight Heart"
CORONA "Movers "
On an On "It's Not Over"
WATSKY "Brave New World"
Clipping "Summertime"
KARI FAUX "Fantasy"
Capital Cities "Kangaroo Court"
Watsky "Lovely Thing Suite 360~"
WATSKY "Roses"
BOWERBIRDS "Tuck the Darkness in"
PASSION PIT "Carried Away (Remix)"
clipping. "Work Work"
Bars "Live Musical Medley"
Watsky "Conversations"
Watsky "Knots"
CLIPPING "Inside Out"
Clipping "Air 'Em Out"
Hook N Sling "Break Yourself"
Clipping "True Believer"
Clipping "Get Up"
Identity Theft "A Short Film"
Watsky "Stick to Your Guns"
TECATE "Beer Wall"
BLACK TAXI "Take Off the Edge"
Watsky "Pink Lemonade"
EL SPORTIVO "Waking World"
MK FT. BECKY HILL "Piece of Me"
LEAL "Disco Ball"
12:00am "an audiovisual experiment"
BEAR "Short Film"
MYPET "Pays to Know"
Maximum Balloon "Groove Me "
Special Olympics "We See Abilities "